Anna Peters has been dumped by her long-term love, Garry, and needs to figure out what to do with her broken heart. Tackling her misery by trying to cook her way back into her beau’s life, she learns a few things – like what mussels are supposed to smell like, how much she knows and doesn’t know about sirloin, and how to sidestep a consommé that’s never going to happen. She also, ahem, taste-tests a few of the eligible men who have been under her nose all along. But is Anna Peters finally ready to taste reality? Or will she burn down the kitchen before then?

4/ 5 in the Sunday Times!!

Food, romance, humour and a bit of mystery: you can’t go wrong, really. Or some can, but Kathryn White doesn’t. Her third novel is on point. T’is even a photograph of me with my thumbs hoiked into my jeans, smiling as if that’s a normal pose for authors of somewhat smutty, food-rich prose.

Full of good sex and great recipes, Anna Peters’ Year of Cooking Dangerously is a mouth-watering feast.’

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All published by Penguin Random House Umuzi.