September 2011

Sharks eat people. Yes they do.

In yesterday’s case, people’s legs.

At first, this video seems like it may be a bit boring. Titled “Events just after the attack …” and peppered with the sweet twittery sound of Afrikaans women watching from their balcony, I continued to watch because - well, I haven’t been to Fish Hoek for ages and it looks like it was a very lovely day.



But hang on”, I said while painting my nails and reminiscing about Nahoon Beach in East London and how the usually calm and cool surfers used to emerge from the sea flapping hysterical every time the sharks bit one of their friends, “WHAT the FUCK is that?”

Ladies & Gents, it’s the G White.

Here are the formal Cape Town City details from yesterday.

Do read this - it’s interesting because:

  • someone has the job title of “mountain Shark Spotter”.

  • the attack is Eskom’s fault, because an elec failure led to reactivation of siren not being successful.


I wonder if it was the same shark that ate the granny in 2004? The Daily Mail called that shark “as big a helicopter”.

And here, in 2010, the Daily Mail’s Jan 2010 report where the shark is a dinosaur.

I reckon yesterday’s shark is the baby of the dinosaur mom and the helicopter dad.

I LOVE the circus

I have had a circus thing for way-since-forever. I had a Spain thing since I was tiny tiny. Maybe the dancing girls in the polka dot dresses. Or the bulls. And I loved the food. Then, at the age of 12 or so, I heard about the Conquistadors! I was furious! So I started reading about Mexico, and switched allegiances.

Mexico is also more alluring - the whole death and life thing. In 2005 I finally went to Spain, wandered around the high dusty streets, along the flat salty seasides, nuns, cider, paprika in everything, found St Anthony (my lapsed-Catholic family’s saint that we still use …) in as many churches, street corners and, once in a bless-ed gaggle of geese.

As a teenager the circus thing grew and grew. Then I read A Trip to the Light Fantastic and devoted all my high school art (insert requisite laughter) to the circus topic. I LOVE this book SO much. Looking at the cover still makes my heart move.

Today I saw this trailer; it made me cry. I don’t know what it is about circuses, Mexican in particular. I think it is a combination of magic and perceived magic, the travelling, the people, the rhythm of their lives but it’s also the tenacity of doing something that you and your family have always done, or maybe being born for something, or into something, for better or worse, their lives are handed to them. Fatalism I guess.

The original article here has an interview with the circus family in the trailer. More lump in throat stuff: “We brought the Ponces to Morelia for the screening, and I think all of us were a little nervous, as it is such an intimate film. When the film ended, the Ponces received a standing ovation, the well-known Mexican actor Diego Luna greeted them on stage, and during the Q&A they received so much love from the audience that a few of the Ponces were in tears.”

Nora, James & a bit of Emily

Don’t be alarmed, but if James Joyce could write Ulysses - banned in the States until the 1930s, in part by the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice* - then he could also write really dirty love (in all its forms) letters to Nora, the woman - as the link below mentions - that became his wife. I do hope his children didn’t ever read what Jim and Fuckbird, aka Ma, got up to late at night, and in the daytime, and in the closet, and elsewhere, but then I guess that’s how their kiddlie-winks got made in the first place.

Joyce, cocksure, even at age 6.

Ah, the Irish ” … is like the act itself, brief, brutal, irresistible and devilish.
Darling, do not be offended at what I wrote.” <– Totally NSFW. They are rather … dirty.

Once you’re done with them, here is a great summary of Wuthering Heights, just in case you need it for the dinner party conversation that occasionally comes up: that’s what real love is vs. that is not what real love is.

*Could you imagine the Johannesburg Society for the Suppression of Vice ….

James Joyce letters originally via Book SA