Yes, yes. It’s all rather obvious, but:

I have been watching rom coms for ONE whole entire year now (for research obviously). My next book - which I hope will be light, funny and filled with good endings - is called The Manbattical*. (There are two other manuscripts that I am working on, but I think that The Manbattical is most likely to be done and dust-jacket-ed first.)

My aim? To take a break from deep love stories, not kill anyone, and take a break from literary fiction. Did I say take a break? I did. I don’t give a toss for genre debates so this is what I want to write and I shall write it.

In all my , ahem, research, I have discovered that Mr Gosling is very good at his job. I can’t use him as my protagonist - this is more of a High Fidelity moment than anything - but as far as these things go, he is a man man man -

He sings.


He cares for pregnant women.

He is a feminist.

He has overcome drugs.


he loves a disabled person.

I think that’s enough for today.

PS. There’s lots more, but I have to go back to work now.