Good Day.

South Africans + their music videos. Blah blah blah Die Antwoord. Copyright infrigement Jane Alexander. Filmed by Roger Ballan. Blah blah blah. Taking digs at other South Africans in their subtext and text. Theory of sampling. Blah blah blah.

Possibly my favourite - even prefer this to the original song:

Shot by Pieter Hugo, the guy who actually took the hyena photos. By this I mean - art is about making, it’s not about talking or knowing, it’s only when it is made that it becomes art. That’s what I think. Art is about appropriation. But not stealing. This music video is high, it’s made of art.

They are happy boys.

This is THE FROWN. This is a good music video. I’ve added another in for the sheer loveliness of voice: this is a good song:

OK Fine. I’m not done.

All work is referential. Even The Bible. Duh. But credit should be given. So, yes Jane Alexander is entitled (good choice of word hey) to stand up for her work - but mostly because the video is shot w Ballen, so it makes her look complicit in the communication.

In “Things I Thought I Knew” I used

i like my body when it is with your

body. It is so quite new a thing.
Muscles better and nerves more. ($50 to ee)

, God & Crow, The Lily Whispers I wait and appropriated The Second Coming (obvs, I know), Romeo and Juliet, and a song from Crowded House (You’re not the girl you think you are. No, No). I paid over R800 for four lines.

Oh come on. Sing it.

Those are not your shoes under the bed.

Why do the lines not cost money online?