Over the last two months I have worked night and day on money-work. And probably only written about 2000 words in any of my manuscripts. Joburg winters are unbearably dry. Central heating doesn’t exist because it’s only -2 for one week. And the midday high is between 12 and 20. So you do thaw. But the cold and the combined joys of working all the time propelled me into adventure mode. That, and my visual well is empty. After three full length manuscripts and countless countless half finished MSs, it seems I may have used a lot of the pictures that reside in my head.

So, about 3 weeks ago (less even I think) I booked a ticket to Thailand, via Hong Kong. 5 days in Hong Kong. 1.5 days in Bangkok. 1 day across Thailand on a train. and 7 days on the beach. I think I should be ably restored :)