October 2012

October’s Amalgamation

Er, so I am going to Mexico in 48 hours. Yes. That’s five countries in one year (See below >) and … I haven’t had to write about any of them, i.e. self-subsidised travel. Which is great because it leaves my brain free for making up stuff. And make up I have. It’s all starting to work out, this extra writing time. Hopefully next year is even better in that regard. My part-time 3 day a week job ends on 1 December and then off to Cape Town (god, I love that place, if I was a saner person I could live there, but, um, yeah, that mountain).

A holiday there and then …. freelance-freelance again, as opposed to freelance-contract. And a small issue of home space which needs to be resolved. I will be away for two weeks. In the meantime, while I am in Mexico (exclamation mark!) here is a collection of all the things I’ve liked and fb-spammed-friends w and my tweets + links.

Me on the list of 5 SA Books That Should Have Won Literary Awards. Snyckers writes: “Things I Thought I Knew by Kathryn White is a slim and elegant novel, more beautifully written than anything else to come out of South Africa this year. About a young woman burdened with second sight, it is by turns wonderfully romantic, and stomach-heavingly tragic but always intensely vivid. This book deserves to leave a deep imprint in our literary soil. It deserves to be studied at tertiary level because only the very closest reading can do justice to its multi-textured denseness.” Thank u :)

Cary Tennis from Salon writes advice. A fantastic piece on time and writing - i think most writers know this? While you’re there - how to get over heartache and stop fucking around w the same person and being trapped inside w feelings about to come out. These are my sum-ups. This last one? Remember, remember, love. Remember love.

The song I have on replay

This month

I danced, went camping, stood up for myself, drank a fantastic pinot noir, started planning a new future (still need some major voodoo to get this organised), jumped higher than ever before (horseriding), broke up with my horse, broke up my job, celebrated engagements and babies (neither mine) and started packing for a family holiday on the Mayan Riveria.

Bragging about travel here: South of France, Zanzibar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Yucatan. Nice :) All warm. All sea. Luck? At one stage of my life I had to spend a lot ( a lot) of time lying down and in hospitals. So now I know something: that the life you lead is your choice. Move w grace, it’s a much better idea.

Okay, so this is lazy amalgamation only includes stuff from the last week, but there is a storm outside and i want to go outside and be in it.


Ruin P*rn

Broken things. Things that need fixing. Cities, peoples, hearts, memories.


There’s a whole new series going round the weblands. Vacated video stores, leftover nuclear reactors, washing machines with no homes. Churches and roads and entire cities in Japan (I’d find you all the links for the towns vacated after the nuclear fall-outs but I am off for sundowners in 10 minutes and it;s 32 degrees outside ….)

I used to have a poetry blog called iWander (bless) because that’s what I do. Wander/Wonder around vacancies, trying to find the thing, that thing.

Part of the interest in this is the current “re-urbanisation” of places. I.e. gentrification. You know, the place where “no-one” used to go anymore. I am obsessed with palimpsests, ghosts, hauntings, the eternal instant ….

Happy 32 degrees y’all, I’m off :)