The name of the book comes from John Lennon’s song.


The main girl loves Debussey.


Cloud atlas is mentioned inside number9dream. It’s also the name of a piece of music by Yoko Ono’s first husband. Read the Paris Review here. Possibly we can guess that Mitchell feels a kinship to Lennon, marrying into a new culture.

How could Tom Hanks be placed inside Cloud Atlas. How very awful. But they did choose a song from an album called HurryUp, We’re Dreaming.


Is hot and messy in Cape Town summers. The traffic is jammed and wind is hard and the setting is unbearably beautiful, in so many ways. Outside, the yelp and snarl of a Sea Point street and the sea is inked blue, far out and quiet.

I like what the neighbours are cooking. Last night was roast chicken. Tonight I think they might be having crumbed pork chops, fried in shallow oil. I eat a giant chocolate brownie, drink rooibos tea drawn from a light blue teapot. I am slightly sunburnt and there is still salt on my skin.