It’s all food, food, food at the moment. A friend and I tried out a menu of cucumber soup, croque monsiers in a muffin tin, peri peri prawns with duck fat chips and choc torte.

My cucumber soup - left for two days to develop - was killed (and by that I mean assassinated) by a clove of fresh garlic I added at the very end … Patience would have served it better. Garlic so strong your eyes watered. Also, the torte separated! I have never seen this before - always being rather smug at how easy it is to make. After spoon beating I pulled out the braun, sending choc blobs all over the kitchen. I did save it, but now I know … how much fat there is in torte. Rather like when you reheat that creamy pasta ….

This weekend I am making salads for 80 - a riverside wedding in the Northern Cape, salads to accompany suckling pig and lamb on the spit. Someone is making pot bread. I have the church kitchen and a team of 5 :) An away weekend with lots of friends, new people, a crumby hotel and lots of music to dance to. Also, I’ve been sampling teas and tea menus - hello spring - and dreaming of mountain walks.

I still haven’t got to the rabbit and or the inspired recipe for a highly contrived umami burger, but the food book is still on its way, some way, some time, some where. Will definitely add the torte experience in. Rumblings of that lit fiction voice are rising higher - possibly to the top? - but I am not pushing it. There’s an inspiration of sorts, a muse, but along the sides and until face-to-face I stand still, breathing through this murmur.

Also, wrote an essay called The Beheading of Anne Boleyn, in Four Movements (The Tudors TV, movie and book The Other Boleyn Girl and Bring up the Bodies). My Tudor stage is now over ( I think). I was saturated in court dramas - it is a most satisfying story - hinging on her final speech. I might move on to Elizabeth. Tho, I am planning on focusing on SA history for a while, most notably the (devastating) transcripts from the TRC… Going to need a lot of tea and rusks to get through that.