I write a type of magic realism, though I hate that term. Because it’s not magic. It’s real. If I write it and make it real, then you can’t apply the “but that can’t actually happen” because none of fiction happened anyway….

If the author creates an apple, writes an apple, the reader sees the apple and story has an apple in it …. behold: the apple! If the author sees a ghost, writes a ghost, the reader sees the ghost and story has a ghost …. behold: the ghost!


I like this very, very much. And what a scream. Not often that anyone gets to scream like this. Insert tags: Primal Scream Therapy; John Lennon. If we were playing word association, I’d go Annie Liebowitz; Queen Elizabeth.

Hahaha. That’s what you learn when you go to ad school. How to make links.

THE QUEEN & A WINDOW (AKA ENGLAND) (note how she’s right of the 1/2 line. nice work Annie)


God. It still gets me … He’s murdered seven hours later.