I am currently ….

Studying for an exam (the one where I know nothing)

Daydreaming about visiting my mom in Antigua and taste-testing new recipes (Yip. Antigua is in the Caribbean. And yip, my mom cooks for people for a living).

Wondering what does an overdraft really-eally mean - like can I buy new winter pyjamas, seeing as allll of my old ones are absolutely goners

Wondering why being a student relegates one to the land of poor, if aforementioned student is still available for freelance

Under Rose

Marvelling (marvelling) at the power of intention: as soon as I breathed a sigh of relief that i would now be fully available for freelance work (class has finished), my fn phone started ringing

Wondering why my love life is far more erratic and less dependable than this

Wondering if I am so poor — I am - how much each flake of Maldon salt (that I toss n crush around w wild abandon) actually costs. I have now taken to picking up these shards and returning them to their box

Wondering more about families that are combined talents

Wondering when I can do my kitchen

And who my housemate will be - I am on the look. Friends have been hired as committee members, as my previous experiences (all years of attempts, on and off) have been largely disastrous

Wondering why the moon .. why the moon …

Why The Moon

Wondering about friends - and changes as one ages - but why? And how I wish everyone could stay together for ever, but also realising that within 24 hours and the 7 days … the patterns that repeat are the patterns that are …..