Lots, lots, lots, but mostly that was a dire winter. Then, in September Greece, Kefalonia to be exact, either the island of Odysseus or the island next door. Soon, in early December, Antigua. Order has been restored: I spent almost two years not travelling - thinking that my restlessness was circumstantially aggravated by constant movement. but aha! it is not. I am happy as a traveller.

Randomly, the last batch of pictures, in the order I have saved them.

I love, and miss, the sea. This K + Anchor.

This is I have coincidentally labelled Sea Dress.

Shark fin.

Rabbit. I have a tattoo of, but not the same as this.

Spent hours trying to find a close up of this, so that I could - yes - print a high res version and hang it in my house.

Beatles references. How cool.

Blood mouth.

Blood mouth again. ‘Lupus Love Story’, manuscript in progress, tonally and colour-ly, like this. With wolves.