Hello there Twenty Fifteen.

My new book is on its way! I think it’s still called Anna Peters Learns to Cook, but that might change. Bugbear of life: the other Kathryn Whites who are authors. I mean, really. Anna Peters is a rom-com slash recipe book - think Nora Ephron’s Heartburn (obvs, that would be the high point of achievement), so am hoping I don’t encounter situations where my name is confused w other Kathrynx3. While this has happened in the past, in the literary fiction sub-sub-sub category it has been pretty easy to see that my books are not the same as theirs.

Anyway. Also, in news, Random House and Penguin have merged - as I am sure you know. So now I am published by Penguin Random House Umuzi. Haha. Isn’t life weird - you ALWAYS get what you ask for. When I was a kid, Puffin books were my first experience. So growing up I wanted to be published by Penguin. As an adult, Random House became the very best choice as a publisher. Now, both. Ha! x

In more news. Family holiday in Antigua. Where my family live. Xmas, New Years, sun, mozzies, food, lovely.

That’s it. No pictures yet. Have cleaned my laptop out of 2014 and haven’t made new visuals folder yet.

Use your imagination …… ;)