Finished edits on my new book!

I think it’s going to be called ‘At First Bite’.

As mentioned, this is a new departure for me. Not literary fiction, but a (hopefully) lighthearted funny food novel. Feel very different about this book. Very. I also feel very differently about this year …. I learnt some things last year, some good stuff. Also, and yes, this feels like a boast, but it isn’t because I am not … yet …. successful in the way that I would like to be, but three novels at the age of 34. That makes me happy. I feel quite relaxed. And very excited for my next one.

Summer is ridiculously hot at the moment - the last of it, that stage where it blasts itself into oblivion, parching all the trees. After a month in Antigua - also very hot - I am in need of a cool chill. I’ve started reading again - been devouring books. And I have a horse that I will be riding regularly - I usually ride different horses. He’s big - bigger than the last horse - and I have found riding him extreeeemeley tiring, so I guess I will need to get fitter? Also, autumn will be easier as well, but yeah, he’s a heavier horse than Temptation. I’ll put a picture up :)

Here is a body. Look at it! This is fit.


I see the freeze frame shows his padded package. Ladies, Sergei is straight. This is a ballet dancer man who likes the ladies. Possibly a histrionic ballet dancer. A few days after a break up, he quit his job at the London Ballet. Tho, now he is in Russia and seems to be joining the pop culture land. I think I read somewhere that he said the London Ballet was killing his creativity - he felt like a dead artist. London makes me feel dead. I was there, now, in the sludge of a January morning, before 8am. The day at the British Museum - which is actually a bizarre place … SO many pillaged treasures. Anyway, I digress.

If you didn’t know, ballet has been … trending ..? for the last few years. Here’s AOL’s cityballet. It’s great that people have started dancing again, but trends do make me feel uneasy. In this case tho - DANCE - can only be good. Take a look at this man’s leaps! But, still, trends ….

If you haven’t got into watching shorts online yet (not a trend, but the new world order), start with the ballet and the head on over to … High Maintenance! Watch in order (the first season is free), then bask in the enjoyment that is Matthew from Downton, alive and in Brooklyn.

While on the subject of Brooklyn, I am reading a book called ‘Proust is a neuroscientist.’. The first chapter is about Whitman, with a picture of him in 1854. I shall find it for you to show you - well, he’s hot. And, he’s very well dressed for 2015, and for Brooklyn, where he lived. After reading the chapter, I tried to sleep in this heat. The book says:’… He collected his “leaves” - printed lingo for pages - of “grass” - what printers called compositions of little value …’

Here is Whitman, 35 - Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Picture at the front of ‘Leaves of Grass,’ his first poetry book. Look at that face, that pose. This is a man who wrote about the body as soul as body as soul. Or, sex. Depending on how outraged you were in 1854.

I ate white potatoes three times in 24 hours yesterday (stay with me, this is related). If you get arthritis you might know that potatoes are actually poisonous? It’s fair to say I was in quite a lot of pain (English euphemism alert). I dreamt that I was running after Whitman’s pages, in a wind, in a grassy street in Brooklyn, and that if I caught up with them and read them, I would understand the … celestial-ness of the poetry and the pain would subside. Through poetry ;)

Honestly, tho, summer, hot, feverish … haha.