Moved to Cape Town in June )this above, is not that). Was supposed to be February, but yes, in the wet windy winter I made it here :) It’s Spring now, not violently and beautifully like it is in Joburg, but yes, Spring. Interesting to know now that my Spring feelings are Joburg based, not seasonal based.

Classified as temporary, I have clothes, my cat and my printer. Staying in AirBnB (gathering info for next books haha, shew), at 35 it seems a rather backwards move? But no, it’s about freedom and finding a part of myself that I haven’t really paid attention to. And if I get anxious about age and that crawl, I remind myself of a few things. Like, if I was younger, I would have missed experiencing the 90s in the way that I did (defined as weird, but sincere, it’s a good combo) and I wouldn’t have understood Apartheid in the way that I do (we had it as a brutal coming of age story, I was 10 in 1990 and 14 in 1994) or thought that wasabi was avo and not been embarrassed about that. I wouldn’t have got Kate Moss as a model (can u imagine the trauma of Cindy Crawford as the epitome of beauty, or the ridiculousness of Miley Cyrus?) and irony was irony, not ironic.

Anna Peters going very well :) More on that another time, I am still processing. Will upload Cape Town pics soon. I have a drive between Hout Bay and town (horse farm to apartment, or around) and I drive along the coastal road and I swear, ‘Fuck! That’s so beautiful.’

That’s all. x