And by ‘their’ I mean ‘their’. not mine. the person talking to me. It’s preposterous! Why would an author write another person’s story - especially a fiction writer?

It happens ALL the time. ALL the time. Then there are the film makers who want to tell you their film idea and then you will write the whole film. EVEN THO I AM A FICTION WRITER.

The reason this is coming up, and in this tone, is because in my great big adventure of being brave and moving to Cape Town and living in Air BNB places before I find somewhere more permanent, I have met people I wouldn’t usually meet. So far, so good. But people find out I am a writer and often (before they’ve asked what I write) launch into ‘you should write my story’. That’s nice. But why don’t you write your own story?

What I can say is that I am developing new ideas about using life as content. I think I shall definitely use characteristics from the people I have met over the last few months. This week is the first time I have had an actual dampen-my-mood difficulty. But what I’ve learnt over the last ten years of being published (!) is … Write it anyway. It never really turns out like you think it will.

So, it’s September. I am up to my eyeballs in other people’s homes.

It’s time to find a home. In Cape Town. Must be Best Life. haha. I thought I coined this term, but apparently it’s an Oprah. And GQ too. But yes, Best Life.