Working on the difficult book at the moment. Here is some of the content I am looking at to figure out a rather difficult scene - I haven’t ever been in a riot, a demonstration or in any activist setting actually - so am wondering at the heat of the pressed bodies, and the fervour that makes people act together.

There’s been a lot of political activity here lately. Fees Must Fall - and they did. x The following links are not related to that - I am working on xenophobia and otherness at the moment.

Most especially mass movements, in streets. Be it violent and hideous - Kristallnacht - or idealist and genuine - the 1968 student revolutions (Paris) as well.

The VO sounds like the guy from Medical Detectives - the read certainly is, pauses after each few words. Score is similar as well.

This documentary Kristallmacht starts with footage ‘from an American family holidaying in Germany’ in 1939. Okay then… Though, I am reading ‘The Camomile Lawn’ at the moment and they’re all pretty oblivious too (set in 1940 I think). Here on Mary Wesley: So cool. On the lawns of love and loss. I like the part about Mary and one of the Baden-Powel sons.