Love seeing how adaptations work out.

Season One of The Leftovers is absolutely fantastic. The Leftovers is a book written by Tom Perrotta. Here is Stephen King’s review.

In the show, they change a few things. In some ways, it’s successful. But, Season Two I suspect is too far south. Not as good - losing nuances, going too heavy on the screen format.

Very importantly, Max Richter does the score. Richter has just released a teaser for his new album ‘Sleep’. Teaser as in a very relaxing lullaby.


Here is the refrain from The Leftovers.

And below a variation (because, this is part of finding adaptations interesting). This version is fuller, more like eating a cake haha.

Perrotta also wrote a short story: Little Children.

Yes, also a very very good movie.

This trailer is way too dramatic - the tension in the film comes from very slow tracking, the sense of heat laying over a public swimming pool, and the claustrophobia of dense suburbia wrapped in trees.

In other news: I will never underestimate Jennifer Aniston (Arniston?) again. That’s two of the hottest men in the cinematic world.

Well done Jen Jen.