I actually like the hadeda. At my apartment in Joburg, a vast lawn, giant trees, flower beds, organic veggie garden, space for kids to play cricket and a resident batch of hadedas. They would leave for ‘work’ at 6 am. Home in the tree at sunset. I’d see them on the light poles, one road up, or outside Constitution Hill, a few roads back. Joburg birds: hustling for a Parktown prawn, out working hard all day, must sleep at night.

Here. Cape Town. Seagulls. Thousands. We live in a leeetle Victorian cottage. They live on the roof of a block of flats parallel. I cannot see the seagulls, but they are the loudest birds in the world ever. They don’t shut up. And it’s discordant. Unharmonious*. And also, they don’t go to work. Sometimes they flit down the road to visit the beach, eat an ice cream, then they come right back to the roof….

  • how lovely that this word is difficult to say, onomatopoeia vibes.

In other news, work. Not easy to come by in CT. Luckily, Jhb still wants me - flies me in for pitches (see how I conflated the entire ad industry there). Want to work here though. So must readjust expectations? I guess, yes, must. Still, after many years of many advertising, my favourite is still above the line.

Am writing various proposals - different applications, diff novel pitches. Anna Peters (2) is en route, hopefully the recipe book comes together as well. Book has been doing well :) good feeling.

MS for Lupus Love Story - SIX YEARS IN NOW. Finally coming together. Definitely I think that writing novels is mostly a personal pursuit. By this I don’t mean .. not for an audience (fuck that, of course it’s for someone) but that if it never gets read, I would still write it BECAUSE I WANT TO.

And so to my birthday. Beware the Ides of March. Nuf said. Tho, nothing bad will happen. haha. It’s a good year. Change started this time last year so that by this time this year I would not be in my giant flat in the Joburg urban jungle of thick dense trees (god I do miss living in a city tree canpoy :( tho) but rather here complaining about the messy cawing of 1000s of seagulls. Who, incidentally, have just gone quiet.

Nope. They’re at it again ;)

Think I will walk down the road and go and get my own ice cream.