Genetically, we’re predisposed to do the same things. Problem is, it’s really difficult to be self-aware enough to truly see this. We operate under inside a veil of our own selves. That’s why relationships - and good relationships - are so important. And I think rare to find. The other person can see you. I think sometimes as a fiction writer, it’s really fucking difficult to see yourself and what you do wrong or say or even what you do right, because the construed reality is so easy to .. pretend on.

For work at the moment (this is not a segue, this is a subject change), I am listening to musicians to find someone to score 23 minutes of footage. Tough work, but someone MUST do it and it is I. :) Oh! And I made burride this weekend. I think it was good, though I am not sure. But it was fun to make and a fun dinner.

This is a bunny. I reckon this bunny bites.

This one below
protector bunny.

Music, I am rebuilding my iTunes (new computer). First three albums I put on: Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, Pixies Surfer Rosa and Nicolas Jaar. Here is a Nicolas Jaar collaboration.

The singer is Scout Larue, whose surname is Willis, which makes her Demi and Bruce’s kid. (Demi Moore is probably a terrifying mother. She also strikes me as needy - but how do we possibly know anything about people we don’t know?)

She got the Willis chin it seems.


What are these children doing?