I’ve always been interested in appropriation. I have this idea that as an author - authority - I am endorsed to create my own version. It’s strange though when you realise where ideas are formed.

Just performed a next-level mishmash. I thought that 21 Grams was a novel written by Jonathan Carroll (and it had a different title and that’s why I can’t find it).

I also thought he wrote Babel, a book about a museum with a talking dog. These are both movies by screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga. Jonathan Carroll wrote Outside the Dog Museum, which is a book a about a museum with a talking dog. I even remember where I read it: in a tent at Splashy Fen in 1995 (yes, I was 15 at a weekend-away music festival, and I was reading in a tent haha).

I am so sure I read it .. (in a tent, at Splashy Fen, in 1995) and now I find out that it was a scriptwriter’s script and the movie was in 2003. But .. Carroll wrote Outside the Dog Museum. And this is why I can’t find 21 Grams the book. And Babel was written by Guillermo Arriaga…. (He also wrote Amores Perros).

And in all this

Embarrassingly the structure and concept - accident, heart transplant, haunting, guilt - is the same as my .. debut novel Emily Green and Me (which I did not realise) because I thought I never watched 21 Grams (or Babel because I thought I read the book) ….

This here IS A FASCINATING READ- Guillermo Arriaga takes his kids to set to see violence (read the article to find out why), and this is the conversation he has with this daughter:

“Why are they making such a horrible film?”

“My love,” I answered, “I wrote this film.”

“Why did you write that?”

“Because that’s what I have inside my heart.”

She stared at me for a while. “What a horrible heart you must have,” she said.

21 Grams Trailer